Bring TED’s approach to public speaking to your workforce.

TED Masterclass for Business is a course that teaches learners how to identify, develop and communicate ideas so they make an impact.

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Build essential communication skills

  • Establishing a connection so that others will listen.
  • Incorporating authentic storytelling into presentations.
  • Explaining complex ideas so they are accessible to all.

Use the power of TED to excite learning

  • Works with any LMS.
  • Designed for individual, partner or group learning.
  • Includes ways for learners to come together to celebrate their ideas.

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Head of TED, Chris Anderson will guide you through 11 lessons culminating in your very own TED-style talk.

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Help learners master the art of public speaking.

TED Masterclass is a tool for self-directed, partner, or group learning to help individuals become more effective communicators at work -- and beyond.

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