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by TED Masterclass Team • May 14, 2020

Do you have a big presentation coming up for work? Are you just looking to learn a new skill? You don’t have to be a naturally charismatic orator to tell compelling stories, but a few tips can go a long way to help you share your ideas in the most engaging way possible. These TED Talks will help you get prepared and start mastering the art of communicating effectively:

Why you should watch it

What if there was a TED Talk on how to give a TED Talk? Well, there is. In this Talk, TED’s head curator helps you understand the secret ingredients to a TED Talk and how you can use those ingredients when developing your own talk or presentation.

Why you should watch it

If just the thought of standing in front of people makes your hands feel clammy and your mouth dry, this Talk is for you. In this funny Talk, singer-songwriter Joe Kowan shares his personal story of how he deals with stage fright and is able to sing in front of people every night.

Why you should watch it

You’ve got something important to say, but how do you make sure people are actually listening? In this Talk, Julian Treasure, an expert on sounds, demonstrates how you can achieve powerful speaking by using vocal exercises and tips.

Why you should watch it

What do Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch keynote have in common? According to this Talk: The structure of their speech. Watch now to learn how you, too, can use this simple structure in your next presentation or speech.

You’ve seen tips on structure, sound, stage fright, and what the secret sauce of a TED Talk is. Are you ready to use your newfound knowledge and get started on telling your story?

Check out the TED Masterclass course and learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently (even if it’s just a video call).


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