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Top 5 TED Talk clichés you should avoid

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If you're a speaker trying to capture and hold the fleeting attention of your audience, commonplace is your mortal enemy. Clichés cause your message to lose it’s meaning, and when your message doesn’t mean anything your audience will stop listening. And, if your audience isn’t listening, what’s the point?

You asked, we listened: TED Masterclass is now available on desktop


The team behind TED Masterclass has heard one piece of feedback from users above all others. It goes something like this: “I hate typing on my phone”. This is why we're very pleased to announce that TED Masterclass is now available as a web app, adapted for users to enjoy on their laptops and desktops.

How TED Masterclass is helping businesses communicate


The ability to effectively communicate, while once considered a “soft skill,” is now recognized as an essential skill needed to succeed in any field. This is where TED Masterclass for Business comes in.

TED speakers' secrets to great public speaking


Do you have a big presentation coming up for work? Are you just looking to learn a new skill? You don’t have to be a naturally charismatic orator to tell compelling stories, but a few tips can go a long way to help you share your ideas in the most engaging way possible.

The #1 rule for improving your presentation slides

Best Practices

When giving presentations, either on a video conference call or in person, your slides, videos and graphics (or lack of them) can be an important element in helping you tell your story or express your idea. This is the first of a series of blog posts that will give you tips and tricks on how to perfect your visual presentations.

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