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Verizon-sponsored workshops help hone educator development

Success Story

Working with TED, Verizon was able to provide thousands of educators with an enriching and engaging professional development experience that taught them how to identify, develop and deliver their best ideas with each other and the world. Both the workshops and the TED Masterclass course were well-received by educator participants.

ACC Customer Success Story

success story

Association of Corporate Counsel partnered with TED Masterclass to provide professional development to their in-house counsel member community.

Kicking yourself for not saying something at a meeting? Here’s how to speak up skillfully

best practices

“At work, you don’t always say what you think needs to be said, and it’s not just you,” says Molly Tschang, a consultant, executive coach and business consultant, in a TEDxBeaconStreet Talk. “Your co-workers are holding back, too.” By holding back, you nor your organization are benefitting. Speaking up isn't easy, but Tschang offers some tips to help speak up skillfully.

Want to achieve your goals? Pick up these 4 habits

best practices

What is one goal you wish you could accomplish? Chances are, you have no problem naming it, so what holds you back from achieving it? This new year, make your resolutions stick with the following tips.

6 techniques for clear and compelling speech

Best practices

There is a secret language of leadership — and it’s one that anyone can learn, says UK speechwriter Simon Lancaster. He has made a career out of crafting addresses, remarks and talks for top politicians and CEOs of international corporations. He believes everyone should have access to the same tools that he and his colleagues use. By tools, he’s not talking about special software or databases — he’s referring to rhetoric.

4 best practices to upstage stage fright

best practices

Stage fright is a phenomenon that many people deal with, and for plenty of folks, it’s something that feels scarier than death. Also known as performance anxiety, stage fright is the fear of performing in front of an audience.

The art of rhetoric: What you can learn from highly persuasive speakers

best practices

While it takes a certain amount of chutzpah to convey our ideas — and persuade others of them — using rhetoric isn’t a skill or a secret reserved only for oratory luminaries. You can master the language of persuasion, too. And it’s not as complicated as you might think (we promise!).

TED Masterclass is now available to even more learners!


We’re now pleased to announce that we have fully launched the TED Masterclass web app, and it is available for all users, even if they have not yet purchased or accessed the course. Anyone can now create an account to experience the first lesson of TED Masterclass and our library of resources for free.

9 tech tips to make your next virtual conference go smoothly

best practices

In this increasingly online landscape, virtual conferences have become the norm and having to plan one may now be part of your job description. We’ve all been to bad virtual conferences, so how can you, as the organizer, ensure that your virtual conference goes smoothly?

Organizing a virtual event? Here are 5 things you should do

Best practices

TED’s mission includes bringing people together to listen to, discuss, and champion ideas year to year. And as the world quickly changed in early 2020, we faced an important question: how should we celebrate ideas when we’re not in the same space?

Top 5 TED Talk clichés you should avoid

best practices

If you're a speaker trying to capture and hold the fleeting attention of your audience, commonplace is your mortal enemy. Clichés cause your message to lose it’s meaning, and when your message doesn’t mean anything your audience will stop listening. And, if your audience isn’t listening, what’s the point?

You asked, we listened: TED Masterclass is now available on desktop


The team behind TED Masterclass has heard one piece of feedback from users above all others. It goes something like this: “I hate typing on my phone”. This is why we're very pleased to announce that TED Masterclass is now available as a web app, adapted for users to enjoy on their laptops and desktops.

How TED Masterclass is helping businesses communicate


The ability to effectively communicate, while once considered a “soft skill,” is now recognized as an essential skill needed to succeed in any field. This is where TED Masterclass for Business comes in.

TED speakers' secrets to great public speaking


Do you have a big presentation coming up for work? Are you just looking to learn a new skill? You don’t have to be a naturally charismatic orator to tell compelling stories, but a few tips can go a long way to help you share your ideas in the most engaging way possible.

The #1 rule for improving your presentation slides

Best Practices

When giving presentations, either on a video conference call or in person, your slides, videos and graphics (or lack of them) can be an important element in helping you tell your story or express your idea. This is the first of a series of blog posts that will give you tips and tricks on how to perfect your visual presentations.

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