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Professional learning leaders, TED Masterclass will help you surface and celebrate the best ideas within your school or district.

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How TED Masterclass works

Every element of this program is designed to help you guide your staff through developing, presenting and recording their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.

Once your application is approved, you’ll be able to...

Distribute the TED Masterclass course

Delivered via the TED Masterclass companion app, the TED Masterclass course will guide your colleagues through the process of developing a TED-style talk.

Track your educators' progress

The TED Masterclass administrative portal will allow you to track your educators' progress through the course and elevate the most compelling ideas within your school district.

Access TED Masterclass “Office Hours”

Glean insights and advice from TED staff and a worldwide network of Professional Learning leaders by attending TED Masterclass’s office hours. These informative sessions are hosted over video conference.

Attend select TED World Theater events

Throughout the year, TED invites the most compelling speakers discovered through TED Masterclass to reprise their talks live in TED’s office theater. You’re invited to attend in person or online.

Share advice from TED speakers

TED’s world class speaker coaches will regularly collect and share public speaking tips from you and your educators' favorite TED speakers.

Nominate your educators' TED-style Talks

You’re invited, but not required, to submit recordings of your educators' TED-style talks to TED’s curators. The top talks will be featured on the TED-Ed Educator Talks channel.

Course overview

Hosted by Head of TED Chris Anderson, the TED Masterclass course consists of 4 sections and 11 lessons. Each lesson takes about an hour to complete. Educators can progress through the course at your own pace.

Preview each lesson in the course.

“TED Masterclass helped me share my own ideas while learning how to better appreciate and understand the ideas of others.”

— Mark Wilson, 2009 National Principal of the Year

Experience TED

Participants who submit the most compelling talks will earn an invitation to speak at or attend a TED event.

TED is a nonprofit. All revenue generated through TED Masterclass is reinvested into sparking and celebrating great educator and student ideas throughout the world. Pricing varies based your school or district’s size and needs.

For schools or school districts

What if every educator in the world shared their best ideas with each other?

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