announcementNew community space helps educators connect around the globe

by Marisa Aubin • October 30, 2020

We are excited to announce the creation of the new TED-Ed Educator Hub-- a community that brings passionate educators together to share how they are sparking curiosity, championing ideas, and pushing the status quo.

When an educational institution signs up for TED Masterclass for Education, the course participants get automatic access to the TED-Ed Educator hub. This will be a helpful resource for educators to share their experiences, feedback, and big ideas as they’re going through the course.

The creation of the community space ties into TED-Ed’s values in a very meaningful way. We believe that when every educator and student shares their best ideas, we can transform education for the better. Therefore the purpose of the TED-Ed Educator Hub is to create a space:

  • That encourages exploration.
  • That builds trust by considering the psychological safety of others.
  • Where you are each other’s best resource.
  • To ideate and build.
  • Where members put curiosity first.
  • Where we can break down barriers and connect.
  • For engaging, high-quality, and personalized learning opportunities.
  • That is open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.

There are many community spaces competing for attention. So what makes this space different?

  • It’s just for Educators. As we build this community together, we have customized features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and meaningful events. Plus, by building this community space outside of a social media platform, you can have a more focused and valuable experience with us and each other.
  • Nowadays there needs to be more ways for educators to meet and learn from each than ever before. And that can be overwhelming. With the Hub, educators can narrow their search and find educators near one another, who are in similar roles, or who care about the same topics. We're excited to see a transformative ripple effect from the connections made here.

The educator community is overflowing with brilliant, innovative, and extremely under-circulated ideas.We are thrilled to now have a community space that brings together educators around the world so we can make it easier to share and celebrate those ideas.

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